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Precautions During Pregnancy

Nature has blessed women with the capacity to create life and thus pregnancy is a very crucial phase of any woman’s life. These nine months, one needs to be very careful as it can be very complicated at times. You need to take necessary precautions so that you have a smooth pregnancy.

Often people who are pregnant are given advise by their family and friends regarding what is good for the baby and the mother. At times, it can be very confusing for the would-be mother regarding the dos and don’ts. To clear any doubt, one can always ask questions related to pregnancy in platforms like implantation bleeding .

Instructions For A Healthy Pregnancy

Some of the following points you must remember when you conceive are: Firstly, it is essential to follow a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy because during this period, your immune system gets partially suppressed and as a result, you are prone to food borne illnesses. Due to this, you might suffer from diarrhea or vomiting which makes it difficult for the fetus to get the required nutrients.

Hence, make sure that your diet comprises of lots of vegetables, fruits, pulses and legumes, nuts, whole grains and lean meats. It is necessary to always keep yourself hydrated. Thus, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Nutrient supplements such as folic acid and iron capsules can be taken on a daily basis but before that, it is better to consult with your gynecologist.

A lot of time it is seen that during pregnancy, one becomes very inactive. But ideally one should try to be more active during these months and also do some exercises regularly. You can also do yoga which is specifically done during pregnancy.

If you are doubtful about the workout regime that should be followed, then consult a professional trainer who can guide you to follow a fitness regime in the correct way without putting your safety at risk. This will help to stay fit and during delivery, you will be able to deal in a better way with labor pain.

It is very important to sleep well during pregnancy. You must ensure to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every night. It is important to take proper rest so that your mind and body is always relaxed during this period.

One should not smoke during pregnancy. Intake of nicotine can increase the risk of preterm birth, miscarriage or death of the infant. If you are finding it difficult to quit then better to speak to your doctor. You must avoid drinking alcohol during these nine months it can cause some behavior and learning problems in babies.

And unfortunately, there is no cure for it yet. Keep in mind to check the labels of the medicines you take as many of the medicines have alcohol as an ingredient. It is also advised to avoid caffeine as it can cause irritability, irregularities in heartbeats, nervousness, anxiety, and lack of sleep. Some researches show that it can be responsible for some birth defects of the baby.

Hence, better not to drink tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, and cocoa. There are a lot of medicines for allergy, headache, cold and drowsiness which have caffeine as an ingredient.

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If you have been drinking caffeine for a long time then it is better to reduce your intake gradually and not abruptly because it can cause nausea, headaches, and fatigue.Try to keep yourself away from any exposure to toxic substances such as cleaners, chemicals or insecticides. Keep a distance from your pets too since it might carry microbial infections.

If you have plans for a trip, then better to plan it in the second trimester which starts with the 14th week. Do not keep sitting for a long duration in the car or flight. And not to forget, you must wear the seat belt whenever you are traveling. It is always better to consult your doctor whenever you have plans for a trip.Make sure to visit your doctor for a routine check-up and feel free to discuss any difficulty in case if you are facing any.